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GDPR for Exhibitors

We ran a webinar with lots of exhibitor Q&As ahead of the GDPR regulations deadline, which came into effect on May 25th 2018.

*Please note that while most of the advice is still relevant and should act as a good guide, regulations are still being updated. 

Watch the webinar here.

Why Having a Realistic Budget can make the Difference

Carole Stacey, Trade Show Consultant and Trainer from Exhibitex hosted a webinar which focused on budgets - a fundamental part of the exhibiting cycle. 

Webinar Purpose:

To explain why having a realistic budget is so important and how not knowing where costs are coming from can drastically affect the show’s ROI.

Watch the webinar here.

Lifecycle Marketing- The Main Event

Steve Kemish has spent nearly 20 years working with a host of different businesses, helping them build marketing programmes to support every stage of an event lifecycle.

In this energising and fast-moving webinar Steve shares his thoughts and experience on moving from good to great (whilst avoiding the bad and the ugly) event marketing and share top tips on best practice that businesses big and small can adopt.

Watch the webinar here.

Swipe or Talk

Our guest speaker for this webinar was Han Leenhouts, Founder and Trainer of Sales & Pepper.

This webinar included:

  • on-stand selling techniques to existing and new customers
  • preparing for an international show
  • ensuring your sales team are show happy and ready to sell before during and after the event


Watch the webinar here.

How Exhibitors are Using Digital Marketing for Success

In this thought provoking webinar by one of the top UK Social Media Strategist's; Warren Knight will share with you, his Secrets to Digital Marketing Success. 

Watch the webinar here.

7 Amazing Digital Ways to Drive Traffic to your Live Event Stand

Yes, we do believe that face-to-face marketing is the most powerful marketing tool on the planet but not without working in harmony with our dear friend digital. In this session you learnt how to be the digital champion of your exhibiting team!

This webinar was hosted by Parry Malm of Howling Mad Marketing

Watch the webinar here.

Grow Your Business Through Exhibitions

Leading this webinar is Fiona Humberstone, Author, Speaker and Brand Stylist.

In this seminar Fiona will show you how you can use exhibitions to kickstart your business: whether you’re starting up or simply looking to boost turnover.

Watch the webinar here.

Good Language Means Good Business

Alastair talks through how our language reveals more about us than we realise. He shares how to use language better in your pre-event customer communications, what you should and shouldn’t be doing and how changing your words can lead to better business.
This webinar covers the importance of language to your brand identity before during and after the exhibition and how it can have a strong influence on your customer relations.

Watch the webinar here.

Big Impact Exhibiting

In this webinar, we will take you through the stand build process from concept to reality. You will see real examples that demonstrate common mistakes and easy solutions and how exhibitors can make an impact whether they take space only, a shell scheme or commission a custom built stand.
Worried that your product or service won’t look right on an exhibition stand? We will show you how even the most everyday product or service can get the visitors flocking to your stand using clever design and a sprinkling of creativity.

Watch the webinar here.

Stakeholder Engagement

Are you an exhibitor who struggles to get the buy in from the rest of the team? Or, are the rest of the stakeholders involved in the exhibiting cycle just not working together as collaboratively as they could or should be to win big results? You’re not alone.

Paddy Power is our guest speaker for this webinar and will look at how you can overcome stakeholder engagement challenges, to bring every contributor to the exhibiting mix together, to maximise the results on your investment.

Watch the webinar here.

5 Exhibitor Challenges and how to Overcome Them

In this webinar, Steve Loughton, Managing Director of Jestic Ltd will run through 5 of the biggest challenges as an exhibitor, covering the following points:

• Pre-show planning timelines.
• Budgeting for your stand and making sure you’ve covered all bases.
• Being confident about your show choice.
• Maximising the return on your investment.
• Show’s over. What next?

Watch webinar here.