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Episode 1: An Introduction to Exhibitions

Welcome to the first of our exhibitor shorts series! In this episode you’ll find out about where exhibitions fit into the marketing mix, the impact of exhibiting on your ROI compared with other marketing channels and how customers respond to live stimuli.


Episode 2: Selecting the Right Exhibition for Your Business

We’re glad you’ve tuned in for the second of the exhibitor shorts series. In this episode you’ll learn how best to pick a show that suits you by assessing the event’s followers, asking the organiser for a job title and company list from last year’s show and dropping a handful of those exhibitors a line to gauge their thoughts on the show.


Episode 3: Setting Your Exhibition Objectives

Setting your exhibition objectives is one of the most significant stages of planning for the show!

This episode will give you a clear steer on how to go about defining your marketing purpose at the event, whether it be; meeting new prospects, shaking hands with current customers or building your brand awareness in the market.


Episode 4: Planning Your Exhibition Presence

Welcome to episode 4 of the exhibitor shorts series. In this episode we'll be exploring how best to plan your exhibition presence so you don't get lost in the crowd. We'll be covering your stand size, stand location, proximity to competitors and more!


Episode 5: What to do as Soon as you Book Your Stand

Lights, camera, action! You’re all booked, there’s no time to lose. Kick start your planning by; leaving your deets on the event site, considering your stand design and thinking about your graphics - just a few key takeaways from episode 5 of the exhibitor shorts series!


Episode 6: Getting Your Exhibition Stand Right

In this episode we'll be exploring the best ways to maximise your stand's potential with a focus on; selecting your stand builder, thinking about a stand that's functional for you, the stand design phase and more!

Get it right and reap the rewards! 


Episode 7: Pre-Marketing Your Exhibition Activity

Shout about your presence! Yes, creating a buzz to drive visitors to your stand before the show seems logical but you'd be surprised at the number of exhibitors that don't do it, or at least, enough of it. 

In this episode, we'll be exploring how best to maximise your brand presence through 3 key marketing channels; social media, email marketing and offline marketing. 


Episode 8a: Maximising Your Exhibition Presence with Printed Sponsorship



Episode 8b: Maximising Your Exhibition Space with Digital Sponsorship



Episode 9: Organising and Managing Your Exhibition Stand Staff

Who should you send to the show? This episode covers key areas to consider when organising and managing your exhibition stand staff and will help you decide how best to choose staff who will make it count.

Get your staff bang on the money and watch your ROI rocket! 


Episode 10: Market the experience 

This episode focuses on creating experiences to reel in the visitors, covering everything from stand experience to scheduling demos, to free food and drink give aways (especially for the last point, don't forget to keep it relevant and on brand)!


Episode 11: On- Stand Experience

This episode sets out to enlighten you about the three main types of visitors and help you determine who's worth the investment of your valuable time.

Those tyrekickers have a bad habit of obstructing opportunities - don't let that happen to you!


Episode 12: Engaging with Visitors

This episode looks at how effective tactics are for long term gain.

This episode looks at how best to customise your stand to suit your target audience and win big!


Episode 13: On- Stand Giveaways and Promo Staff



Episode 14: Collecting Your Visitor Data

Lead generation is the real game changer and will likely determine your success at the show. So how do you maximise the effectiveness of your data collection strategy? This episode explores the importance of simple but useful data collection, considers the trade off between quantity and quality of data and more!


Episode 15: Prospecting & Exhibition Follow Up

Did you know that 80% of leads are never followed up? Okay, we get it - the show's over, you're exhausted and the thought of resting your head on your desk for the forseeable future is highly appealing. But all that hard work to fall short at the last hurdle seems like a terrible waste.

This episode looks at how soon you should follow up, the level of follow up necessary for different prospects and more!


Episode 16- Measuring Your Exhibition Success and Effectiveness

Congratulations, you've made it to the final episode of the exhibitor shorts! Measuring your exhibition success and effectiveness sets out to assess what you've been waiting for and what you signed up for...results!

We'll be covering off when and how to calculate your ROI, your ROI vs Expectations and more. This is where you determine whether exhibiting was a worthwhile investment for your business.