This section demonstrates effective ways to use email, social media and more; before, during and after the show!

Measuring Event Success

This guide takes the mystery out of measuring
the impact of exhibiting, focussing on:

  • WHY measure
  • WHICH metrics matter the most
  • HOW to measure
  • HOW to create actionable reports


Measuring Event Success Guide

PR Guide for Exhibitors

PR the what, when, who, where and why. Welcome to the FaceTime PR guide, which we’ve put together to give you a better understanding of how PR can be used to maximise your ROI at an event.

PR guide for Exhibitors

A Guide for First Time Exhibitors

It will take you on the exciting journey from selecting an event through to successful participation and follow up.

First Time Exhibitors Guide

Stand & Deliver

With helpful contribution from GES, this guide is intended to get you thinking:
• WHAT space you need
• WHAT your aims are
• WHO to work with
• HOW to impress
• HOW to communicate, and
• HOW to extend the campaign.

Stand and Deliver

Top Tip Tick List

Need a quick refresher on key pointers for a successful show? Look no further.

Top tip tick list

Essential Guide to Exhibiting Overseas

So you've decided to exhibit abroad? Good work! While it's an exciting thing to plan for, we understand that taking your business across the water can be equally daunting. As such, we've come up with a nifty little guide, which covers some key areas to consider before making the journey.

Essential Guide to Exhibiting Overseas

The Exhibitor's Guide to the Galaxy

From stand sales to security staff, your handy guide to find out who to speak to about what for the show.

Exhibitor's Guide to the Galaxy

The Potted Guide to Exhibiting

In need of a clear concise guide that wraps up the basics of the exhibiting cycle in a tidy one pager? You’ve come to the right place. The Potted Guide gives you the rundown of activity spanning a 12 month cycle from beginning to end.

Potted Guide to Exhibiting

The Email Marketing Guide for Exhibitors

To truly turbo charge your investment, the Email Marketing Guide offers best practice tips on how you can use email to catapult your exhibitor investment into the ROI stratosphere. 

Email Marketing Guide for Exhibitors

The Last Minute Guide to Exhibiting

Signed up to a show at short notice or simply out of time and gone into meltdown? Don’t panic! The Last Minute Guide is packed with tips on how to flip the coin and propel your show from catastrophe to grand slam!

Last Minute Guide to Exhibiting

The Journey of a First Time Exhibitor

This guide has been designed for the first time exhibitor. It will take you on the exciting journey from selecting an event through to successful participation and follow up. 

Journey of a First Time Exhibitor

Ten Top Tips for Exhibiting

We sourced advice from the experts in the exhibition business and asked them for their tips to have a cracking show.  Those tips included setting measurable objectives, choosing the right exhibition and more.

Top Ten Tips for Exhibiting

How to Exhibit Booklet

This bespoke downloadable document gives you advice on everything from choosing the right show, preparing for the event, how to make the most of your stand, what to do on the day and how best to follow-up with your contacts and new business leads.

How to Exhibit

Exhibiting for Hot Shots! 

So you're a bit of a know it all when it comes to exhibiting aye? Think again! Our Exhibiting for Hot Shots Guide is sure to teach you a thing or two, to spice up your game! Check it out.

Exhibiting for Hot Shots

Eye Tracking Research

Top tips for brand awareness and sponsorship.

  • Building brand awareness
  • Communicating your key messages
  • Visibility at the event

This could make all the difference to your success. Read on to find out about the latest eye tracking research and how it can help you stand out at your next event.

Eye Tracking Guide